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Dr. Erik Paulson is a Board Certified Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, and is also the Medical Director of Antidote Medical Partners LLC. He has also been trained and certified by leading TMS manufacturers to provide treatment on their devices.

Dr. Paulson wants all his patients to have access to this revolutionary treatment of TMS if such treatment is appropriate. Dr. Paulson’s quest is to provide life changing treatment that is affordable and available to patients with or without medical insurance coverage. Antidote Medical Partners, offers TMS outpatient treatment in a relaxing setting in the South Tulsa.

“Our South Tulsa office has searched the planet for the best possible TMS treatment solutions. We have invested in state of the art Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) devices. CloudTMS using ‘TMS Theta Burst’ technology, representing the latest in TMS technology, treatment, and thinking. Both are most recently cleared by the FDA for the non-invasive treatment of major depression without medication, TMS therapy is acclaimed by clinicians internationally. “

Dr. Paulson provides comprehensive and individualized care for his patients, which may include non-drug therapy, and modalities. He is a certified trained TMS provider to treat many mental health disorders using TMS technology, including but not limited to ADHD/ADD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorders, psychosis, bipolar disorder, OCD, schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder. He believes in proactive treatment seeking to introduce innovative care, FDA approved technologies, cutting edge patient management, and holistic care. He is always searching for better, smarter, and more effective treatment and care solutions for his patients.