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“It’s all in your head.” This comment is hurtful to those suffering. In most cases, will power is not the answer… Now we can literally take a look inside your mind to understand the root of the problem.

Although many of the diagnostic and therapies that we use have been around for years, Brain Wellness Center offers a very unique, synergistic approach. It is the combination of brain diagnostics with cutting edge brain stimulation, brain training and medication that is our “secret sauce”.

Basing treatment solely on the self-reporting of symptoms is like expecting a mechanic to fix your car without ever looking under the hood. Using brain mapping technology allows us to “look under the hood” of the most complex human organ – the brain. Only after performing a QEEG are we able to truly grasp the root cause of where in the brain the malfunctions are occurring. We believe that psychiatry should be based on an actual visual of how your brain is firing or misfiring, not on educated guesses.

Once we can target the area of the brain that is not firing correctly, we can then hone in on it and treat it directly. More clinicians are moving away from basic symptom management and more towards actual brain “re-circuiting”. We utilize two direct stimulation technologies: TMS Therapy, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to directly stimulate the neurons. We also utilize advanced brain training protocols such as Neurofeedback therapy. Having these revolutionary, cutting-edge technologies in one location allows us to fundamentally change the way our clients are being treated.

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