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TMS practice pricing & costs breakdown

TMS device price

The cost of the complete TMS system with laptop is $49,995.


  1. Shipping & Handling is $1,699 anywhere in the lower 48 States.
  2. Installation & Training is $599 and includes a full day day of training for doctors and staff. Once complete TMS education certificates are sent out to trainees.

The total cost of the machine, delivery, installation and training is $52,293 + tax (if applicable).


Sales tax is only applied on the $49,995 sales price if bought in California or Massachusetts.

Per session costs

CloudTMS does not charge to use the machine on a per session basis. There are no on-going fees to use the device.


Physicians can use standard sports dome caps to aid in marking the patient treatment spot for future use, approximately $5 per cap per patient. (example:

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