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The benefits of the CloudTMS system

How did you first come to hear about the CloudTMS system?

We attended a conference in San Diego for the Clinical TMS society and we happened to cross a booth where we were introduced to the CloudTMS system and immediately it piqued our interest. They have a lot of really great advantages to the system over other systems. I think that there’s an edge for every system and I think that everybody kind of looks and says “what’s going to work best for my clientele?”.

But I think that the things that really inspired us about the system were the fact it’s got the ease of use. We find that being able to start treatments and to program different protocols and to make sure that our patients are getting a protocol that’s really tailored to their needs is much easier with the CloudTMS then it can be with some other systems. It has an advantage to having a smaller profile than some other systems to be able to fit it into different office spaces, which will really help to fit the space that you have to work with the machine, rather than maybe having to look at different office spaces and to make sure that it works, so that versatility is really useful.

One of the major things that we’re interested in as well is looking into the future, looking for that progress, the excitement that was surrounding Theta burst technology at that conference was palpable. I think everybody really was excited to see how much more we can do with theta burst treatments and looking and saying, “who is really going to be the leader on theta burst”.

As we were talking to all of the reps at the conference, we were seeing who’s really keeping up with that technology, looking at protocols that are going to promote the theta burst for research and obviously for off-label use and not being afraid that we need to research these things and it’s up to the doctors to decide if we’re going to be using off-label. I think that it was an easy standout. Cloud TMS was very clear on the capability of the machine and having that option is huge because we get to decide if we want to use an off-label treatment, how we’re going to do that in our practice and we’re finding that being able to use theta burst improves our outcomes dramatically. We can include theta burst in our typical FDA approved protocols. We can do theta burst treatments on their own. We can reduce treatment times and make it a lot more accessible and affordable to patients to be able to get the advantage of magnetic stimulation so that was a big selling point as well.

A lot of times, one of the most challenging things that we found in doing TMS, is the piece that the doctor needs to really be honing in on as they’re trying to tailor that treatment on that patient, and that is determining the amount of energy that we need to use to get a significant response over our motor threshold. There are a lot of different ways of finding that motor threshold with different systems and I’ve had the opportunity to try out different systems and see what the ease of finding a motor threshold is. I can find it with a CloudTMs system in a tenth of the time that it takes me with other systems and it’s accurate. Whether I sit and I take 20 minutes to hone in and find that location and I really go back and forth and make sure that I’m looking to find that precision or I find it in the two minutes that I know that I can, it makes no difference. The accuracy is there within that two-minute time frame and that again makes it extremely user-friendly and makes it a lot more available to patients.

The anxiety builds the longer they’re sitting and waiting for you to try and find the location and the energy to treat. We don’t have to waste time, we can get directly to the treatment. Patients are really impressed with that. I’ve had patients treated with other systems and treated with the CloudTMS and this is just a great benefit that we weren’t necessarily expecting. They’re uniformly telling us that this is more comfortable, that the system is not as intense and I’ve had patients that could not tolerate other systems that are able to tolerate the CloudTMS system.

I think that the fact that it’s got the internally cooled coil, that we don’t have to worry about overheating. We have seen overheating problems with other systems which limits our ability to use them in the clinic. We have not had any issues with overheating with our CloudTMs which means that we’re more confident in the operation of the machine, we’re more confident that it’s not going to damage any internal components or put patients at any risks so I think that is absolutely the way to go in having that internally cooled coil and I’m not aware of anybody else that has that technology. I think that’s a wonderful advance.