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This patient discusses why he chose TMS therapy and how it has helped his anxiety and depression

Tell us how you discovered TMS and why you chose to pursue it as an option for treatment.

TMS was introduced to me through a psychiatry at Kaiser. They offered several different options. The first two I was going to go through, I didn’t qualify for because of a traumatic brain injury and so forth and I was anxious to get into some kind of treatment. The minute they offered to go to TMS, I jumped on.

What is TMS helping you for?

Depression, anxiety and that’s about it.

How many sessions have you had?

Today was number 18.

How do you feel after these eighteen sessions? Did you start feeling any effects after five or any effects after ten?

What I have noticed is the anxiety, which was a huge problem for me. Anxiety was killing me. I’ve still got a little depression going. It varies day to day but the biggest thing I believe was the release of that life demeaning. That anxiety was horrible.

Did anybody else notice any changes in you?

My brothers keep saying they noticed a change because they call me every day just to check on me. Talking on the phone they say, “You sound different today.”