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The correct exercise and nutrition for TMS treatment

Tell us a little bit more about how you integrate physical rehab training and exercise with your TMS program here at Manlove Psychiatric Group.

Our approach is, we believe that depression is a lifelong debilitating illness and it deserves a full-court press. Just as some people undergoing cancer treatments will also get nutritional support, so it is here. Depression is a big deal and it deserves to be attacked from all angles, which is why we try to integrate nutrition and exercise with our treatment of TMS. With exercise, numerous research studies have suggested that exercise can be as dramatic of an intervention as antidepressant medications. That’s a powerful tool that we really would like to harness with the use of our TMS patients.

Furthermore, Dr. Manlove has an analogy that he likes to use in dealing with TMS and depression:
“Ideally, TMS primes the pump for people to start to feel better and to be able to live their life the way that they want to.”

However, even a pump that is primed will eventually run dry if there’s a lot of holes in the joints and in the piping that leads the water to the pump in the first place. Therefore, our goal is to plug up a lot of those problems in the piping by doing things like; ensuring people are getting the recommended amount of exercise, by urging them to remove foods that can create chronic inflammation and can impact someone’s overall well being.

If we can bring all of those pieces into play, we believe it will lead to better outcomes and also, we’re hoping for a synergistic effect. The TMS will be able to stimulate the brain. Exercise and better fuel will be able to as well, so we’re hoping to create that synergy between those three things where 1 plus 1 plus 1 won’t equal 3, it will equal 4 or 5 and a better outcome for our patients.