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The effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation

What kind of changes can they expect in their mind?

This is exactly what I wanted to point out, that TMS is a great device for treating depression, but it can also treat many other disorders. Think about all the things that you do in life that require good focus, that require a clear, good brain. So by treating these disorders, like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, trouble with memory or focus, you can live a much more productive life. You have much better relationships with your partner. Personal life is far improved. Most patients feel much more productive in their work environment, and all of this can be achieved within a short duration, without the use of medication.

So when you ask, what can patients expect, or what do they feel afterward, most patients feel more energetic, they feel more focused. They feel a cloud has been sort of resolved, and they feel more clear and less depressed of course. And those symptoms, actually, are achieved within a very short duration of each session. So what I’ve seen is that patients report improvement even on day one. Now, it’s not to say that treatment is guaranteed for everybody, but it certainly competes very well with medications out there.