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Transcranial magnetic stimulation at Blackhawk TMS

Hello, my name is Bria and I’ve been working with Blackhawk TMS for going on about six years, but I’ve been doing TMS for five years. I started off with the Neurostar machine and then I moved onto the Brainsway. Finally, we are now using the CloudTMS machine. This has definitely been a huge difference from the machines that we used before. The technology is way better. It can not be compared to the previous ones. I say that because, with getting the treatment set up for the patients, it’s a lot easier for the patient, whereas before, when we were doing the measurements and mapping, it took about an hour and a half, sometimes two hours.

Now that we have the CloudTMS machine, we are able to see a larger amount of patients and get patients in and out. It can typically be pretty frightening for patients at first, at least that was our initial experience. However, with the flexibility of the machine and the coil, we’ve had great success. Patients are not intimidated by having to put on a helmet or anything like that and we are seeing results faster using the CloudTMS.