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A testimonial of a patient after TMS therapy

We actually had a very young woman – she was 17 – come in. She came in with her mom every day. During that time, we were actually transitioning between our TMS technicians, so I actually did probably 10 or 15 of the 36 sessions that she had, so I got to know her very well.

She was a nice young lady. At first, she was just very quiet, very reserved. She’d come in, she’d read her book and she wouldn’t really talk. After about the fifth or sixth treatment, she started engaging with me, with her mom, with the other people that were there and when her treatment was done, she and her mom made a point to come back – she loved to bake but she hadn’t baked in a while because that was part of her depression – and she made this really good cinnamon loaf with cream cheese frosting and it was delicious. She made one for me, Dr. Friday and the other person that was treating her at the time.

It was a total change in her personality. She was smiling and engaging eye contact, a total transformation in six weeks. That was something that definitely said that this is a treatment that works. This is not some kind of snake oil or something. You can see the effect in people.