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Dr Ali Elahi discusses the benefits of TMS over the usual round of medications used to treat mental disorders.

My name is Dr. Elahi, I’m a neurologist. I established NeuroSpa Brain Rejuvenation Center for the purpose of treating all kinds of different brain disorders without the use of medications. With the advance of the FDA approved technology that we have, including transcranial magnetic stimulation, we can achieve that goal readily and this is exciting. It’s something that we’ve all dreamed of as neurologists. We have patients daily who prefer to avoid medications and we know that medications have side effects. They have systemic and localized side effects and TMS is the answer to that. It has been a long journey and now we can actually help the community with this technology without any of the side effects that medications cause.

Our office is located off of Pacific Coast Highway in Corona Del Mar, California. It is right across from Fashion Island and we’re open 09:00 to 17:00 on a daily basis. We are planning on opening weekend days as well or after hours for patients who can’t make it during the daytime hours and we’re run by myself and a neuropsychologist. I’m a board-certified neurologist and we have a board-certified neuropsychologist who is going to be doing a lot of the brain mapping and neurofeedback. We have wonderful staff members that have been well trained and we offer free tours of the office, free evaluation of generally what we offer and we want to make sure we tailor design every treatment to that individual. So we don’t use a cookie cutter, a one size fits all approach.

Every patient gets a brain mapping done. Every patient gets a customized treatment plan, which may combine a few sessions of TMS, plus or minus neurofeedback, plus or minus electrical stimulation therapy and everything we do is using FDA approved technology with over two thousand articles backing everything that we do. I’m very excited and very proud and I hope that I can help all the people that come through our doors.