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The methods which are used at Brain Wellness Center

My name is Hasan Asif. I’m a psychiatrist in practice and clinical director and founder of Brain Wellness Center, one of the branches you are in at the present moment. The other branch is in New York City and we have an international presence in Georgia, WC where Dr. Montage has opened her own Brain Wellness Center with the same methodology.

What we have in our Brain Wellness Center is a comprehensive multi-dimensional process of evaluation in which we provide brain scanning by a parameter evaluation, a type of developmental evaluation. We provide a comprehensive mind, body and brain evaluation, and then we come up with a therapeutic formulation which involves neurofeedback and biofeedback training. This involves virtual reality training and modulation of the TMS. We also provide psychotherapy – our own neuro therapy – called neuro psychotherapy which we provide during our very comprehensive and intense sessions. We treat from depression to anxiety disorder, ADD and addictions. 30 percent of our client’s come purely for enhancement.

For example, we have treated and worked with a martial arts national champion. We have treated and enhanced a poker player who is a national champion, who won the last Vegas championship. So we believe in a full spectrum, from treating disorders to optimization and enhancement.

patients who seek treatment with us have issues which have not been addressed. Either its happened through multiple years of psychotherapy or have gone through TMS and it has not worked or have gone through neurofeedback and has not worked. But we and our system have the capacity to bring all these modalities under one group, in one session, and that’s what makes the practice different from other practices.