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Taking away the stigma that comes with psychiatric treatment

I think that one of the things that we do differently is that everyone tries to be compassionate and caring. The thing with Redemption is actually, it’s part of the name – the name actually comes from D.r Friday’s belief that we needed to redeem the practice of psychiatry for the patients and for the providers that practice it. If you think of patients, if you had diabetes, no one would think anything about you going to the doctor for treatment for that but if you have depression or you have an anxiety disorder, there’s a stigma with seeking care and treatment for getting help with that disorder and there shouldn’t be.

So we want to redeem that practice for the patient and if you think of some of the nicknames that you could come up with for a psychiatrist; a shrink, a quack. The practice of psychiatry has a stigma to it and it shouldn’t be that way anymore with procedural psychiatry being at the forefront of a new way to treat patients and actually get them relief. People have suffered from psychiatric disorders for years and years and we are able to get them well in weeks. That’s something that no one’s ever been able to do before and it’s thanks to being able to do TMS.