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Ease of use, reliability, & performance at a remarkable price.

CloudTMS is a global leader in the development of repetitive TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) devices. Thousands of CloudTMS machines are being operated in scientific laboratories, neurological clinics and psychiatric clinics around the world. With a reputation for reliability and ease of use, these products should be your first choice when considering purchasing equipment for your rTMS practice or research lab.

Our first TMS machine was developed in 1996. Since that time 4 generations of machines have been launched to the international market. The lastest model Neuro-MS/D has 3 different variants and covers both clinical and research needs. Our TMS devices have some of the most effective cooling systems on the market which allows our machines to produce more than 10,000 pulses at 75% of Maximum Output at a 5 Hz frequency without any pause in operation. CloudTMS is also the only company on the market developing and producing both professional EMG/NCS and EEG systems that can be fully integrated with our TMS devices. All of our devices can be easily and conveniently controlled by a Windows 10 based laptop, where you can keep track of your patient studies and exams in a familiar point and click interface.

With 20+ years of continuous development, CloudTMS devices are defined by cutting edge features, reliability and value that can’t be beat.

Principles of TMS

The principle of therapeutic magnetic stimulation is based on the following: The magnetic stimulator uses magnetic pulses of short duration. The emerging high-intensity electromagnetic field easily penetrates through the skin, cranium bones and soft tissues. As a result, an electrical current is induced within the cortex. This electrical current can modulate activity and excitability of the cortex neurons for a period of time exceeding the stimulation session time. This modulation has a clinically proven therapeutic effect that has been FDA cleared for the treatment of depression. Every CloudTMS stimulator is designed for performance and reliability. CloudTMS stimulators also offer best in class active cooling technology enabling all day performance without having to worry about the coil overheating.

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