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The CloudTMS device is marketed outside of the United States by Neurosoft under the trade name Neuro-MS/D.

CloudTMS machine

We manufactured our first device in 1996 and are now in 35+ countries, 1500+ units strong.

Advanced cooling

Our liquid cooling system is second to none. Our TMS machine can be run all day, and night, without the need for long pauses or the need to shutdown.

FDA cleared

Our TMS machine is FDA cleared for the treatment of MDD (Major Depressive disorder) and OCD.

Control via laptop

A CloudTMS certified laptop is included with your purchase. Easily control the TMS machine & manage patient session data using intuitive software.

Modular & portable

Need to change TMS rooms or move the machine to another office. No problem! Our portable and modular TMS machine was designed for easy transportation.

Extended warranty

Get peace of mind knowing that your equipment is covered. Get additional years of extended coverage at an affordable price.

Secure backup & sync

Sync & backup data in real time without lifting a finger. Our CloudTMS+ platform will keep all of your TMS devices in lock step.

Thin & ergonomic coil

Designed for superior focality and patient comfort, our coil’s unique thinner design can be moved freely about and manipulated in a number of ways.


Theta burst capable with frequencies up to 100 Hz our device is no push over. Our coil’s output at max power is approximately 1.7 teslas with field depth up to 5.4 cm.


Our CloudTMS+ membership (purchased separately) opens up the following features:

  • Practice dashboard
  • Reports & analytics
  • Patient surveys
  • CloudTMS+ Online
  • Backup & sync
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CloudTMS+ Dashboard

Purchase & setup

We support you through purchase, training and the life of your machine.


Purchase our machine online, over the phone or by email.


The CloudTMS machine is delivered to your practice on a date of your choosing.


A certified trainer conducts training on location with your staff.

Human support

Call our number and talk to one of our in-house technicians, not a machine.

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