Step 1 - Purchasing your machine

Purchasing a CloudTMS machine is easy. Order online and we'll contact you to confirm your purchase. Alternatively call or email us directly to start the process.

We aim to deliver your TMS machine from our warehouse to your practice in 5 business days or less. We'll give you an estimate when you order your machine.


Step 2 - Delivery & activation

Pick out a TMS room. The device has the footprint of small fridge and is easily rolled from room to room so no worries if you want to move it to another room later on. Please allow some time in morning or afternoon to receive your CloudTMS device on a day of your choosing. The machine will be unpacked and setup in your TMS room.

You will need a CloudTMS account to activate your device.

  • Sign up for a CloudTMS account
  • Add a new device to your account
  • Download the licence key to your computer and double click the key to activate
  • All done!

Step 3 - Training

After purchase, one of our certified TMS technicians will be in touch with you or a member of your staff to schedule your TMS training day. Please allow for 4-6 hours of availability time on the day of training so your staff can be properly trained. We'll go over the fundamentals of TMS, machine operation, and standard TMS research protocols. By the time it’s over you’ll be ready to go!


Step 4 - Education & Support

We do more than sell TMS machines. We're here to support your practice and help educate your technicians effectively and professionally. Being a CloudTMS customer means you have access to over 100 hours of our training videos, discounts to our courses, access to our private forum and customisable printable such as brochures and business cards.


Step 5 - CloudTMS+ Membership

Our CloudTMS+ Membership securely connects 1 or more of your CloudTMS machines to your online dashboard. This enables a variety of features including secure automated backups and syncing of your machines. Find out more about CloudTMS+ here.