Train 1
100 bursts at 5.0Hz
MT: 80% (100 bursts (3 pulses) at 5.0Hz) x (1 Trains) = 300 Pulses Total time: 00:00:20

Performed at 80% motor threshold. The train(s) consist of 300 pulses: 100 bursts (3 pulses/burst) delivered at 5.0 bursts per second for a total of 20 seconds followed by a break of 1.0 second.

Inside each burst are 3 pulses delivered at 50 times per second or one pulse every 0.02 seconds.


Stimulation typeBurst
Stimulus amplitude (% of MT)80
Burst frequency in train (Hz)5.0
Pulses frequency in burst (Hz)50
Bursts in train100
Number of trains1
Intertrain interval(s)1.0
Total time00:00:20
Total pulses300


Continuous Theta-burst or cTBS is a short 20 second inhibitory protocol. It is delivered in patterned 5Hz bursts with each burst containing 3 pulses at 50Hz. Unlike intermittent TBS there are no pauses or breaks for the duration of the protocol.