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About Alejandra Suzuki, M.D., F.A.P.A.
Board-Certified Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist

Alejandra Suzuki, MD, is the lead child & adult psychiatrist and TMS specialist at Americas TMS Center. Born and raised in Argentina and from Japanese lineage, Dr. Suzuki is able to communicate with patients fluently in English, Spanish and Japanese. With her unique multi-cultural background, Dr. Suzuki has keen insight and is able to relate to patients of many ethnicities.

Double-board certified in child/adolescent and general psychiatry, Dr. Suzuki is committed to helping patients grow and thrive from childhood into adulthood. With a focus on preventive psychiatry, Dr. Suzuki treats patient conditions early on to keep them from escalating. In doing so, patients are able to achieve mental freedom and live fulfilling lives.

Dr. Suzuki has expertise in the assessment and treatment of complex pediatric patients with significant psychiatric and neurological co-morbidity. After seeing the detrimental effects of multiple medications on children & adolescents, Dr. Suzuki decided to add TMS therapy as a safe, non-medication treatment option. She is one of the first psychiatrists in the nation to specialize in TMS for the unique needs of the developing brain.

Following graduation from medical school at the University of Buenos Aires, Dr. Suzuki began a residency program in the field of ophthalmology. With a particular interest in neuro-ophthalmology, Dr. Suzuki took advantage of exciting research opportunities in Japan before journeying to the University of Miami to continue neuro-otology research.

With a growing interest in the mind as well as the brain, Dr. Suzuki made the decision to change her career path and enter the field of psychiatry. She completed a psychiatry residency at the University of Southern California (USC) as well as fellowship training in child psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Dr. Suzuki also received advanced training in TMS at Harvard Medical School.

She supervises and teaches UCI child psychiatry fellows at CHOC neuropsychiatric clinic. Her area of interest is focused on child mind and brain development. Dr. Suzuki completed her child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at UCLA with a yearlong elective in the Autism clinic. During this elective and after completing training, she continued research in Autism at the Brain Research Institute at UCLA.

Culturally sensitive and empathic patient care. As an internationally trained physician, Dr. Suzuki recognizes individual’s strengths independent to ethnic or cultural background.
Patient (and family) centered care: provide care that is meaningful and valuable to the individual patient by developing an individualized care plan that address the individual needs. As defined by the IOM (Institute of Medicine), Dr. Suzuki provides care that is “respectful of, and responsive to, individual patient preferences, needs and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.”
Collaborating with other providers involved in the patient’s care, including other physicians, health care providers and therapists: while collaborating with healthcare providers Dr. Suzuki believes in integrating behavioral health and physical health.She has completed evidence-based training on this subject.