TMS Hope Center of Long Island
M-F 9-5PM
1000 Main St. Suite G, Port Jefferson, New York, 11777, USA
New York


Welcome to 1000 Main Street. At the heart of this office is the TMS Hope Center of Long Island which provides state of the art Neuromodulation in the form of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). We are super excited about TMS and want you to learn more about how it can help you and your loved ones. We welcome questions and offer testimonials from those who have been transformed by TMS. It is run by Rena Ferguson, MD and Caroline DeTurris, TMS Coordinator and Health/Life Coach.

TMS Hope Center is housed in a unique setting that offers multiple treatment options for mental health. We believe that everyone deserves to find a treatment that works for them. All our services complement one another. We offer psychotherapy, medication management, group therapy as well as Neuromodulation. We often participate in research studies and work collaboratively with Stony Brook University and other institutions to try to find the best solutions for you.

The individual providers here at 1000 Main are from diverse backgrounds. We are Doctors, Nurse Practitioner, Therapists and Coaches. We are Office Managers, Receptionists and Billers. We were all trained in traditional schools but embrace change and innovation. We share a common vision: to provide the highest quality mental health services with compassion, humor and tough love. Each of us has opened individual offices but we love working together and understand the power of connection.

We are not spring chickens; our cumulative age is … never mind. We each have known sorrow and joy. We’ve learned a multitude of life lessons; we practice them and pay them forward to you.

All of us here at 1000 Main love being here because we work independently and collegially. We want to show you how to do the same in your own life. We understand your desire to “be strong” and do things on your own. We want to balance by broadening your definition of strength and teaching you to feel strong when asking and accepting help.

We created a powerful community in a serene setting where each of us practices as individually as before but thrive, learn and grow from one another. Meet us and learn how each of us can help you.

Our services include:

Management of psychiatric medications
Alternative medicine and supplements
Individual, couples, family therapy, adolescent counseling
Group therapy
Community outreach
TMS therapy
Ketamine therapy
Vitamin therapy