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Dr. Rustin Berlow discusses his interest in CloudTMS therapy

I first saw the CloudTMS device and system in Singapore in 2015. It wasn’t FDA approved though so I didn’t spend a lot of time with it. When I heard that it became FDA approved, I was interested and so I asked about it and the first thing that stands out about it is the price. The price is significantly lower than any other system available. When a physician is first getting into TMS, the price is very important because the less of an initial investment, the less of a risk it feels like, so the price was definitely attractive.

But when they set it up in my office and I learned how to use the CloudTMS device, I realized that the real value that the system provides is the simplicity of use. It goes beyond any of the other systems. That simplicity allows technicians to be able to perform TMS treatments in a more relaxed way. It reduces the number of inadvertent errors made by the system and it makes it so that when you train technicians early on, they can learn this device within about 60 seconds to a minute.