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CloudTMS compared to other machines.

There are several TMS machines on the market, six to be particular. The first machines that were on the market had financial arrangements that made it very difficult for a prudent and practical clinic to agree to, although they were the only game in town for a while. But since then, there’s been four excellent machine systems that have come out that work very well and don’t have those inhibitory properties. The CloudTMS machine is one of them.

I’m going to talk about how this stands out from the other four because I don’t think the first two necessarily are worth considering. Compared to the other four, it’s less expensive and it’s very very easy to use. It has an interface that’s very simple. You can learn how to operate the CloudTMS machine within minutes. I think that’s one of the major advantages of this machine. It’s also built in a very durable way so that it’s likely to last a long time and not break down.

The thing that technicians find most appealing about it is that the coil itself is very light and the arm that holds it in place is very easy to move. So for the people that operate the machine every day, they often like it because of that, because it’s easier to use and it’s simpler. When a machine is easier to use, it has sort of a ripple effect. The technician learns it faster and they can do more work with less stress on them. I think, in the long run, fewer errors happen when something’s easier to use.