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TMS Machine

Priced at $49,995 the CloudTMS machine is FDA cleared for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder.

Lease for just $900/month

Lease to own your FDA cleared rTMS machine for as low as $900/month. Hands on courses included.

Make overheating a thing of the past

Advanced cooling technology enables long continuous use times without having to worry about overheating.

Quiet with an angulated figure-8 coil

Designed to run quiet with a cooled angulated figure-8 coil enabling more focal targeting of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

CloudTMS Machine

Superior Ease of Use

Simply set frequency, time on, time off, session duration, and press Play to start treatment or Pause to make adjustments.

Handheld stimulator coil

The device's handheld stimulator coil can also be used to establish motor threshold, before locking in place over the treatment area to begin therapeutic stimulation.

Plug & Play

No special rooms or power equipment necessary, simply plug the machine into any standard wall outlet and power on.

All in one solution for rTMS

Advanced therapeutic configuration of our CloudTMS device covers all clinical needs of rTMS practitioners. Including the control unit, cooling unit, booster unit, trolley, figure eight stimulator with stainless steel articulating arm for easy positioning, and laptop.

Enhanced Performance

Due to efficient liquid cooling our TMS device can run continuously all day without any pauses in operation. No need to power down and wait for the device to cool.

The CloudTMS platform

Experience rTMS in a 21st century setting with secure access to your TMS practice data on the go and from any Internet connected device.

Built to last

Our handheld stimilator coils are guaranteed to run up to 20 million pulses and our modular design ensures maximum uptime of your device. In standard practice our devices typically run for years before requiring maintenance.

Setup your practice

in as quick as 5 business days

The CloudTMS Approach

Our FDA cleared CloudTMS device comes with the best cooling technology on the market keeping our coils cool even during long continuous use times.

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Cost effective treatment

Our sales are direct to customer so we don't have to maintain a costly salesforce like the competition. We pass the cost savings onto you.

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Explore exciting new research with Dr. Jonathan Downar during his lecture at the Toronto Western Hostpital site of UHN.

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